Tread Softly

I was delighted to be invited by Seán Golden to participate in the Landscape section of the Tread Softly Festival. See the attached link where you can find more details and download the brochure.

The Bare hazel ‘Maugherow, a much wilder place’ – WBY, The Celtic Twilight Music and song, written word and spoken, images captured by neighbours of Maugherow and environs responding to the landand sea- and skyscapes that shape the community. Surf and stone. Sun and storm. Fossil and fort. Archaeology and folklore. Flock and herd. Wetland and pasture. Big house and cottage. Overflights of geese half the year. A bespoke multimedia happening in Ellen’s Pub for Tread Softly

The painting below is the one that was displayed on the night.

Cloonagh III